Violet Raymoor


Violet Raymoor is a two-piece music band formed by Gerrard Flynne and Axis Moor in 2012. However, it is not necessarily a new band and in fact it is not. It is rather what happens when you have five years of existence with one LP in discography but one windy day you decide to change it all – your name, your concept and, most importantly, your audio and visual content. What does this name mean? Well, probably the best answer is located on the cover image of this page. It is a place, and this place is, most certainly, violet. Whilst Raymoor is a proper name. To cut the long story short… …hello stranger, welcome to Violet Raymoor. Defining its music style is definitely a worthy thing to do, but worthy doesn’t often mean easy. Following imaginative soundscape is a main goal and layering atmospheric electronic music with rock foundation is a tool, though these terms seem too limited speaking of a real thing. And by different people the real thing was classified to post-rock, synth-pop, indie-rock, alternative electronic rock and God-knows-what-else. The scale of the sound is sometimes epic, sometimes intimate and sometimes both. Well, you got it – the words are uncertain. The only certain thing is that it is probably worth a listen. The world is not the same.