The Last Secret Band


Formed in 2011, The Last Secret came together on the streets of Ahlone Township, Yangon City, Myanmar. Together they are part of the city’s growing myanmar underground rock music scene. In 2014, they perform their first live show; Aggressive Core with their friend bands under the genre of Punk, Metal and Rock. Then, they organised as a underground music band groups named Second Answer with their friends Underground Bands; State of Ash, Youth Council, Runaway Bride, Stable, Voices. They released their EP Albums and perform the live show for that EP Album. They are also be a part of Non-Profit music organisation The Echo ; they are mission on donation projects for children educations. The group contain some well-known underground rock bands such as Ther Cheo, The Emergency. Members: Symon (Vocal, Backing Guitar) Jack (Lead Guitar) Thirteen (Bass Guitar) Daniel (Drum) Kaung Kaung (KB) Song link: