Studio B Recording


Digital recording studio in southern Milan, Italy, dedicated to recording and music production at 360°. Owned and operated by sound engineer Stefano C. Bedini, it offers good acoustic working environment, quality analog gear mics & converters, and everything you need to record, edit, mix, post produce and master your tracks. Music and audio are our passion, and we spend every day in recording and producing high quality tracks for our clients. From Rock to R&B, Rap to classical or acoustic, we offer recording, editing, mixing, post and mastering services at affordable rates per hour. Our top quality analog Neve Genesys console, along with our frontend and outboard gear, carefully selected for its sound character, is connected to mastering grade converters, and help in capturing every sound with a soul, the good old way, since the first stages of every production. Up to 24 audio tracks recorded simultaneously, to capture the live performance of a band with all its feeling and interactions. Unlimited overdubbing, editing and mixing possibilities with PT-HD 3 rig and additional analog summing by SSL. Preamps by SSL, Manley, Avalon, SPL, Focusrite, Neve, Presonus, Roland, etc. Processors by SSL, Auralex, Amek, Neve, Drawmer, Joemeek, Empirical Labs, Dbx, Api. Revox High Speed tape machine. Mic list: Neumann U87Ai & TLM170, Neumann KM184 (stereo pair), Soyuz SU-013 (Stereo pair), SE Electronics Titan, SE Electronics SE2200A, Chameleon Labs TS-1 MKII, AKG 418 (3), ElectroVoice Cardinal, ElectroVoice Raven, Blue Baby Bottle (stereo pair), AEA N22, SE Electronics R1 Ribbon (stereo pair), Cadenza vintage ribbon, Shure SM58 (4), Shure SM57 (5), Shure Beta52A, Shure Beta57 (2), ElectroVoice ND168, Samson C02 (stereo pair), Sennheiser MD421-N.