Stuart Esty

theRoadKill Orchestra Project

We've been told that theRoadKill Orchestra's (RKO) patent pending "Garage Lounge" music is the perfect soundtrack for kicking back with some friends and downing some 'discreet lubrication' while ensconced in your favorite recliner, deep in the heart of your man cave. Although this music will make you think, it's casual enough to listen to while wearing nothing but your favorite smoking jacket and some day old (and yet, still serviceable) boxer shorts. Extensive scientific studies have also deduced that our tunes are great for extended road trips (go figure) and that (surprisingly) women love "IT" too... With all of that said, rest assured that we are here, ready to rock your world at a moments notice. No Drama. No Hype. No Wigs or Spandex required. Just authentic original music for real original people. For best results A: become a fan B: sign up for our newsletter (and street team), C: buy a CD or download and then D: kick back and crank it up (yep, play it like you stole it). As always, thanks for your support and all the best. Be well and we'll see you all out there on the RoadKill Hightway shortly -GT Nightcrawler -end transmission from RKO Central Command