Simply Josh


About me: The Rome-based 24-years-old singer/songwriter Josh sees no boundaries between genres. You can perceive a hint of R&B with an aftertaste of Folk and a side of Pop. He started writing songs when he was as big as a guitar. Michael Jackson made him fall in love with music. Ed Sheeran and Jacob Collier inspire his productions. In a world of trends and music made with the stencil, Josh preaches personality and originality. "The clich├ęs that characterize musical genres today were once new" is the belief that drives him. In each piece, he searches for new sounds. He studies synths and plugins used for mixing and records samples of objects not related to music. He released his first singles collaborating with his friends Luha and Basi. Those are about specific mental states. You spotted a rotten person in your group of friends, but nobody believes you? Listen to "Sneeze." Your mind waves between a depressed and a party animal personality? Listen to "Get Lost." Which got into New from NYC: R&B and Soul Spotify Playlist. Now he works in parallel on individual projects and other collaborations. In December 2020, Josh released his first single produced by himself, "My Christmas." A nostalgic song, the ones that are sometimes needed. An acoustic version came right after associated with a video on his YouTube channel, which makes the song even moodier.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is a very influential and universal tool. It gives me my place in the world.