Sidnie Hitchcock


Packing a powerful, soothing voice that captivates her audience at age fifteen. Sidnie steals the emotional souls with her passion of singing with her southern Alabama roots and Australia blood line. Sidnie is the new age of soulful Pop with her first influences by Joel Faviere, Adele, Ariana Grande and Melanie Martinez. As of now she’s dipping into grunge music with her current band. Sidnie has been into music since early childhood. Sidnie currently is working with a band at her local music school. Enrolled with Musicology school of music, four years in it's making. Sidnie is performing currently at local showcases and festivals. Seeking coffee shops and other Venus to perform her talents for the people and future promotional activities underway. "This thing is my future" Sidnie states. Sidnie at a young age of six has been performing at various family events for several years and continues to grow with her talents. Sidnie continues to develop her talents evolving her talents with learning recording equipment, piano and now guitar and future variety of instruments. She is currently taking bookings.