Sean Gill

Triple Headed Monkey

I began my life as a vocalist in primary school, where I was made to sing hymns daily. It wasn't until I became a young teen that I started properly appreciating music, primarily rock and metal. Sometime around then I began making karaoke covers on youtube. I made about 60 of them before I ended up getting a job in McDonald's, stopping so as not to draw attention to myself at work. I worked there for 2 years till I decided to make music in 2015 and joined an access course at Deep Blue Sound Plymouth to study electronic music production. I've studied mixing, mastering and studio engineering under the legendary Pete Day himself, collaborated vocally with Marc JB and performed Live using Ableton's Live 10 Suite and my own vocals at a number of local events. Now I look to graduate university in 2019 and am on the path towards both bettering and expanding myself musically and otherwise, in the process.