Scott Reid


I am a Song-Writer, Poet and Multi-Instrumentalist. I believe Art should flow unrestricted and because of this my music spans many genre. I write much differently on each instrument I play, with Folk, Blues, Rock, Country, Jazz, Latin and Classical Influences on Acoustic Guitar and Darker more Classical and experimental elements coming forth in my piano Music. I am a huge collaborator and look forward to playing live again this year with my large eclectic Band, Oonikai. Until then my Primary Focus remains the Publishing of a very special Project, with deep honour. I continue to find likeminded individuals on Drooble from all over the Globe and I finally feel I am in the right place to really set this year ablaze with musical love and unifying collaboration in the Littlest You Project. Please Investigate the links below to get to know me better. Nice to me you all. Please don't hesitate to reach out about the Littlest You Project. All voices of the world are invited to sing with me. Much respect. Scott Reid Founder and Director of Global Operations Live Large Music and Multi-Media "Make a Difference. Behave Differently."