Rohm Roderic Holvoet


Straight from the heart productions <3 I'm Roderic aka Rohm (artistname) I'm from Belgium and i started making music almost 2years ago. I was coping with the loss of one of my closest and my dearest friend and out of the blue i wanted to make a song for her, to remind me of her, to keep on reminding the world who and what she was to me. What started as a personal way to process some certain trauma, ended in me producing songs for an first album, playing in several parties, being the main act of the evening, even played at a festival after not nearly a year of producing. I knew from the moment i played my first note in my Fl Studio DAW I found my passion ,my way of life and inner consciousness which elevates me to a loving/feeling/experiencing state beyond my comprehension. My world as i knew it totally changed after the first song i ever made. After that one producers came to me offering help and lessons, which has guided me to personal schooling each day of the week which lead me to being able to make an entire song, with effects, perfectly ready for mastering and qualitywise not bad i can certainly say, especially if you know i only use fl studio and a headphone or my rokit boxes. I'm trying to save money to buy some acual gear like soundcard and hardware and live controllers. I did buy myself a midi controller, nocturne49 from a good friend of mine. Was one of the best and most satisfying things i bought so far. The only way to go, is to follow the one in front of us, and mine leads me towards music every second of every day. I hope you guys like my music, i'm doing it with love and for love, thats why -> Straight From The Heart Productions. I hope i get a lot of feedback on this Drooble platform. I would be very grateful :) I also give feedback to those who give me some or whose music is something i like. I wish you all (and myself too ofcourse haha) the best of luck and a lot of good productions with beautiful dreams to become true ( ^^ ) From Rohm With Love :) made this song on my birthday after only making a few months of electronic music and i called it from rohm with love because that's what i want my music to represent and inspire people with it. (not mastered because original file crashed together with my first computer. thanks to soundcloud i still have it :) )