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My Lifelong Musical Journey ! "What a long ,strange trip it's been !" :)

Modal close icon I am, i guess, what You'd call a Musical Junky. Just a simple 18 yr old in a 60 yr old Body. I'm a Frustrated Musician, Self taught. I had a little accordion as a toddler, and managed to actually make music. When as 5th grader in Grammar school, I learned Clarinet, and loved Jazz ! I played well, thanks to Guys like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw etc. Great role models for what an instrument is capable of, and so.., I tried to emulate these Musical heroes, and loved to poor my soul through the mouthpiece ! I LOVE JAZZ !!! HOWEVER, I struggled with reading Music, and One of My Music teachers in High school, thought it wasn't a problem, and Just let me play by ear most times, as long as I knew the tune. He was cool ! Thanks George ! One advantage growing up, was that I grew up with a concert pianist next door to me, Mr.Will J.Stone , 83 yrs at the time he passed, and I knew Him from 5th grade thru high school, and gratefully , He used to play and Mentor Me, with his Grand Piano , and allow Me to accompany him if appropriate . He had magic fingers that would make the piano cry if He wanted. He was a musicians musician ! But one tune always haunted me, and grasped My imagination, "Moonlight Sonata" ! As Old Will Jay Stone Played this for Me, He'd always explain the most sorrowful story that the piece was written for. About an Old Church, burning ferociously and completely, while the Priest rang the Bell to summon help, on a moon lit evening, to no avail, The priest would ring...until finally All was lost ! So touching , such a movie in My head always to this day I see it and I weep all over again. and so, After will passed, I would walk miules and miles sometimes, and used to beg pastors, firehall, schools etc. just to ask to allow me to practice on their pianos & Organs, as I didn't have a Piano at home. Just a lil chord organ and impatient housemates. Ever since seeing Will J. Smith make that piano cry for me... I've always loved to express My emotions through My fingers, and now I do it using a Yamaha Mox8 and PSR-S950 and a Roland FA-08 Keyboards, ,and Audacity & My Laptop to record, and make Music videos to post.. Almost a dream come true ! YAMAHA IS AWESOME ! Truest Sounding above all else I think ! And while I am flawed, due to a head injury from a wreck in which I died and was Sent back, and revived, I know there's more to come, So, Dig it ! But, I almost lost all ability to play. I actually forgot I could play, and Lost about Ten years worth of memory in the mess. But , being that I'm lost without My music, empty and emotionally constipated, I somehow regained the brain cells & ability to regain some skill again, and every tune seem to get better and better as I recover My Neural network and My synapsis' repair themselves ! Thanks to My Patient lovely wife, and My Daughter, who prompted Me to play again, and even bought me a Yamaha keyboard to start again fresh, I've been at it seriously practicing, for about 3 yrs now. But, I am grateful to be having it come back, that's for sure ! Practice makes it better each time, and each time, a little more memory and skill returns. Amazing thing, the brain. Sparks flying from here to there, resulting in Thoughts turning into action, emotions, played through a Keyboard all stemming from Electrical impulses originally dreamed of, formulated by whatever magic takes place in Ones brain, generated into Signal impulses to move muscles, complicated structures, performing with delicate expertise....THAT'S MUSIC ! DREAMS, BROUGHT TO LIFE, TO REALITY ! C'mon, You gotta admit, It's F'n Magic dude ! The power placed at Our fingertips, controlled by our whims of fancy, created from Our imaginations, and into our souls ! A Universal Language, that has No Borders. How more beautiful life is, because of a simple gathering of Sounds, placed just so, as to create a Mental Canvas, then, stroke, by stroke, color by color, a Thought, played through Music, is transferred into mental images by those who hear....Who dream.... Who love. MUSIC ! What more nobler thing could a soul produce. With todays technologies, and new creations each day, bigger, better, bolder steps are taken in Our walk to discover Who the hell We really are, once and for all.....Sing....Sing for the spirit of US ! Humanity at its finest ! But No, Its not always easy, and sometimes very frustrating, but I give it My all ! I know, before I pass from this experience to the next, I shall once again perfect My Play, and as someone who suffers also from Perfectionism, I can't help but try ! ( imagine if You will, what noise you NEVER get to hear) So, understand Please, My goal is not FAME, or FORTUNE, and any recognition, I use ONLY for validation purposes. I am grateful to My followers, for their recognition, and support, which helps to Prove to Myself, that I CAN DO IT ! Hopefully, someone else, in a similar ,mess like Me, can say, "and If HE can.., Then I can too !" And, YOU WILL ! Keep the faith baby ! Practice makes perfect, then practice some more. Play on, whatever Your gig, let it grow like a funky fungus among us, and let it carry Your soul into the ethos clouds, shared with all who care to listen, and maybe just maybe, someone will come along and say... "Hey Dude, That was AWESOME ! " What more really matters than that ? That's the joy of Music after all, Making Yourself, and someone else Happy, entertained,and Glad You did it ! I'm always so happy when I'm Playing, and amazed and what comes out ! So, I believe in Karma for sure, and Ask you, to PLEASE, ALSO.., GIVE BACK what was Given, This Gift we have, this beautiful universal language of love, called Music, So special indeed, Please, remember, Mentor a Youngster should time permit, encourage a Youngster at the very next opportunity. Be generous when Asked a question from an interested child, and watch the Fruit spring forth. I wish I had more time to be charitable and encourage kids I, have recently discovered that I am suffering from a non curable disease, "Pulmonary Fibrosis" which turns my lings into shoeleather, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time ! But, at least I got this far tho it was a long time coming, but thanks to the internet, I can finally share My music with the world, That, is so Awesome indeed ! So, while I'm able to,I expect to creat more music in the time I have left, so as to ensure My legacy lives on in Cyber purpetuity LOL ! I hope You enjoy My tunes, as much as I did in making them ! Thank You for Your time and kind attention ! Luv Ya ! Patrick D.J.Torres Sr. (a.k.a.) "Pocono Pat"







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music, is a language spoken by but a very few, and Understood By all mankind !

What is your music dream?

Just to share it with as Many people as possible, and bring a smile to their faces !

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

Elimination of Nuclear Weapons !

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

I want to hold Your hand, by the Beatles

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

Alman Brothers band, Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Neil Young,