Mothernature Rnr Band


Mother Nature was born in Taranto (Italy) in 1993. After playing in several pubs in the south of the country with shows full of covers of historical groups of Rock and Blues (Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd ...) the band decide to record some of their songs. The first demo of the band (called "Mother Nature" and released in '94), thanks to songs like "Johnny" and "Cowboys still ride", gives them an interviews and several positive reviews. The year that separates them from the second studio work ( "Written on you"), is full of live dates across South Italy; but it's only in 1996 that MN finding their right direction: "Skin" (the demo), it's a concentrate of pure Hard-blues with catchy Beatles melodies. During the '97, the shows alternate throughout the region: the band opened the concerts of Extrema and Interno 17 in their unique Puglia dates and the band recorded three songs sung, for the first time in Italian. So, in the spring of '98, the Mothers win a music competition organized by Audiar that were placed in a compilation distributed by Sony Music containing just one of the pieces recorded the previous year ' ( "Vittime"). In September '98 Mother Nature signed a recording contract with Big Ben in Piacenza. The CD in question is titled "SKIN" (not to be confused with the demo '96) and was in Italian stores through the distribution of White and Black in Milan. So the group, having the opportunity to play beyond the southern Italy, began to be known also beyond the borders of south Italy.The record, coming out in early 1999, is welcomed with enthusiasm by the trade press, allows MN to turn the north of the peninsula continuing to write material for a new album, however, it will never come to light. After 10 years of rock, laughter and tears, 10 August 2003, the Mothers make their last concert and say goodbye. In 2010 the band come back to write new songs and in 2011 ther were a couple of live dates in Puglia. This led to 2015 with 6 new songs that would be due out in mid-2016, but the publication of 'EP is postponed. In February 2017, the band signed a recording contract with Andromeda Relix. The new CD "Double Deal" and will be released on June 2 with the distribution of GT Music. Line up: Francesco AMATI: drums Francesco Candelli: bass & vocals Luca NAPPO: guitars & vocals Wlady RIZZI: vocals, guitars and harmonica