Mister ATL


Nationally recognized multi-award-winning recording artist and songwriter Mister ATL is known for his blend of urban inspirational, southern soul, and hip hop contemporary sound. Born in Atlanta, Ga and raised on the east side of Decatur where he graduated from Towers High School Mister ATL fell in love with writing, composing, and playing music after joining the marching band at his school. While at Towers High School Mister ATL excelled in academics, sports, and music. After graduating with a 3.8 GPA, Mister ATL received numerous scholarship offerings including academics, music, and sports to various HBCUs. He decided to attend Alabama State University on an academic scholarship in the fall of 2005 majoring in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations where his love of creating music, performing, and industry business manifested into a passion of quality stage shows, entrepreneurship, and musical creations. While attending college as a freshman, Mister ATL wrote the “Bama State Anthem,” a song dedicated to the college scene at ASU. This song became a #1 record on the radio holding the top spot on each countdown in the local market for more than 2 months straight. During this time Mister ATL joined various on-campus organizations including M.E.I.S.A ( Music Entertainment Industry Student Association) and the Grammy U, which pushed him to learn more about his craft and the business behind what makes an artist successful. Soon after in the fall of 2008 he co-founded ASU’s first student station 90.7 HD2 This station helped foster numerous talents from the local area and helped propel his name in the radio and music scene around Alabama as a trendsetter and music record-breaker. After graduating from Alabama State University he attended grad school earning a master's from Ashford University with a concentration in Higher Education instructional teaching. Soon after, Mister ATL began teaching secondary and high school levels where he continued to spread his love and creativity for making music and the arts in the classroom. Mister ATL has crafted his songwriting and musical sound to stand apart from every artist in the industry with one simple element, uniqueness. He is able to create clean faith-based love music, hard-knocking, lyrical hip hop tracks, and catchy rhythmic melodies that cross over to both the gospel and secular markets. They give listeners an audio experience that makes them both dance and feel emotional. He hopes to spread his love of creativity and music around the world for others to become closer in faith, family, and love through the release of his debut studio album "Love, life and Aquarius" which is available now worldwide wherever music is sold.





What is music to you? What does it give you?

I grew up in a traditional American household with West African influences. My beautiful mother Brenda was born in the states (Columbus, Ga) and my father Henry Sr. was an immigrant from Gambia, Africa. So I had the best of both worlds from music, culture, education, family traditions, and even fashion. Having the African culture and traditional American values under one roof had an impact on not only my musical choice but also my style I grew into. I was born in Atlanta, Ga and raised on the east side of Decatur, Ga in a strong Christian household where both of my parents were heavily involved in the church and community. I, my younger brother Quinten and my older sister Sharhonda were kept active in church, youth groups, school activities, community events, plays or anything that my mother knew was beneficial. I grew up understanding that faith, family, and education was a top priority for me and my siblings. I come from a long line of scholars, entrepreneurs, and college graduates so I knew that if I can conquer my academics then I could have the mental stability to lay the foundation for a successful career in any field of my choice rather than pursuing a college degree or becoming a world-famous musician. They are very supportive and I can not thank GOD enough for them.

What is your music dream?

My music dream is tour the world spreading love, encouragement, and the love of GOD through my musical talents.

What inspires you to make music?

My inspiration behind pursuing music is like an open novel, it is still being written as we speak. I've been inspired to pursue music because I was pushed at a young age to stay active doing something. I participated in activities that were not only beneficial to my cognitive growth but also activities that I now use for my creative appetite. So making the choices early on to join the church youth choir, dance team, storytelling /writing club, and school marching band all helped mold my love and passion for creating audio and creative art. I knew that if I wanted to become the best songwriter or the dopest lyricist or even the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen I had to have a foundation to build on. I had to learn my craft, I had to learn how to read, play and write music (marching band) I also had to learn to choreograph my moves (dance) and learn to vocally express my thoughts and writing (choir, writing, and storytelling club). Over the years I have grown not only as an artist but as a man of GOD. Now I know that my inspiration has changed from being a worldwide superstar to being the inspiration that someone else can look up to and be influenced to embark on their musical journey. If I know that God has blessed me with the gift that can inspire people worldwide through the art of storytelling, testimony, and love then I'm inspired every day to make music.

What is the message you want to send with your music?

I want to send a message of individuality , creativity , uniqueness and being unashamed to love GOD. Currently, I am working on launching my Love and Life and Aquarius concert series and tour at the top of the year 2020, which will feature performances from some dope artists and the entire album performed live with skits and creative visuals, Details will be posted on my social media and official website soon. I am also continuing to work on outreach and ministry work toward my nonprofit The T.A.L.K Project LLC, business Davies La Fourth LLC & Mister ATL Music and church Hope for Tomorrow within the community and city of Atlanta. I love giving back rather that's through music or charity work. I am also giving away academic scholarships in celebration of my new shirt line "Black, Handsome and Educated" through my clothing line "Born Sinner Dying Saved." This will be for male students looking to attend college or trade school. In regards to new music, I am back in the studio working on remixes for the album, cuts, as well as new music for the New Year. I am also looking to collab with various artists and look forward to some hot features on the way. Lastly, you can expect new music, more ministry, and a #1 album and single on billboard occupied by platinum plaques all next year and I give GOD the glory in advance.

What frustrates you most as a musician?

The most challenging part of being a musician is songwriter. I would say creating a overall concept or song off the album that was my difficult would probably be Honeymoon produced by Terra Tunez feat Dhall. It was challenging writing a love song that not only grown-ups could listen to but kids could dance and enjoy as well. In the climate musically that we live in, there is little to not clean RnB or love songs in the market. And out on top of that the fact that I am an urban inspirational artist people automatically look sideways at me when they hear an album of love songs from a faith-based artist. I knew to go into creating the Honeymoon track I had to take a different approach. My wife and I never had the chance to have a honeymoon so I wrote the song from the perspective of what our ideal honeymoon getaway would sound like, what it would feel like, and what other couples and lovers around the world would jam to on their special day. I wrote it with the idea of creating a tune that older people would understand with certain references like "I got the green light" or "As long as that ring on your finger we gonna make it boom" but, also keeping it listener-friendly for my younger fans to understand that in order to celebrate a honeymoon with all the perks of it you have to commit and get married first. There are three different versions of Honeymoon that I worked with my engineer Bao from Mixology Studios but, I think the version on the album came out perfectly.