Bones in Butter


Bones in Butter - BIOGRAPHY Bones in Butter is Milutin Krašević, last man standing among a group of fellow musicians who shared a common vision to blend beautiful melodies and harmonies with the darkness and thoughtfulness of the Post-Punk era into a unique style. Milutin was born in Lucerne, Switzerland, to Yugoslav immigrants. His parents introduced him to music by forcing him to take piano lessons at the age of 7. One year later he quit and conspired with his older sister who familiarized him with the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel along with the Sparks. A few years later he attended his first concert in Zurich. It was the Electric Light Orchestra’s Out of the Blue tour. Milutin instantly became a devoted fan of this band. Simultaneously the Punk movement caught his attention, especially the Stranglers, Wire, the band Magazine, the Velvet Underground, and he began to develop a rather peculiar taste in music. During this period, he also picked up the old guitar his father gave him and taught himself the first chords so he could play along to records he was listening to at that time. Soon, he started writing his own songs, bought a better guitar, a synthesizer and a four-track cassette recorder to capture his musical ideas. Later, he founded a band, had some moderate success with it, played a few shows and even recorded a CD. Exactly zero copies of it were sold. Sadly but understandably, to Milutin it seemed wiser to focus on his career as an English and German translator, for making niche music for a living in Switzerland was out of the question at that time. However, he never stopped writing songs. Milutin collaborated with fellow musicians, pursued various music projects and finally, after moving with wife and son to Belgrade, Serbia, decided to fully indulge his passion for music. The result of this adventure under the pseudonym Bones in Butter is the Love or Fear EP containing seven genre crossing songs. Hope you enjoy it!