Mikel Pulse

Definitely Betty

I got my first guitar when I was 12. The neck was broken at the headstock so I put some Elmer's glue on it and put it under the leg of my bed. 'Bout a week later I took it out and put strings on it that I had stolen. The first song I learned was Country Roads. The second was Aqualung. I'm self taught with the help of Roy Clarks Big Note Song Book and The Heavy Guitar Bible, one of the best investments I ever made. Who knew there were relative minors?? My dream was always to make an album. 40 years later and no recording experience whatsoever, I hacked these songs out. I did everything myself except for the drums and a couple guests on "Hangover" and a very special friend doing some backup vocals. My 15 mins. of fame was playing bass in a back up band for Bobby Bare. That was fun. Other than that, 25 yrs. of bar gigs have taken their toll..... I and some friends get together every Saturday, have some drinks and have fun. Peace and Love Y'all