Michael Matera


Electronic musician Michael Matera started out his musical career as a guitar player, trying to push the limits of what a guitar was supposed to sound like, it didnt take long for Michael to find out how he could expand his sonic pallet with the addition of keyboards. Michael's first solo release, titled M, was met with positive reviews from many of Michael's peers in the electronic music scene. M is a collection of songs dating back to Michael's pre-keyboard days and features a few guitar only tracks, but you may have difficulty picking these tracks out from the synth tracks. "I always wanted to make the guitars sound more synthetic" says Matera, "not that I find anything wrong with the natural sound of the guitar, I just wanted to expand on the tone and push it in anyway i could."







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Anything that creates emotion or can alter the way you feel. Music is a language that doesn't require words to make you understand... Isn't this a line from Steve Wonder ? Something like that...