Marven James


Timmins Ontario was where it all began for me. My parents, a Francophone father from Quebec and an Italian mother from Timmins, provided the backdrop for my love of music. I grew up surrounded by a variety of music genres which I now still draw on for inspiration. I mastered drumming in my teens and played with many local rock bands. ln 2000 I put my drum kit away and focused on developing my career as a professional singer. I wanted to hone my vocal abilities and took singing lessons at the Institut de Developpement Vocal Integral de Montreal (IDIVM). After that I participated in many different singing contests in the Montreal area. These contests provided me with an opportunity to perform in larger concert venues in the province of Quebec, namely the Metropolis, the Capitol, and the Palace Arvida in Jonquiere. ln 2005 I launched my first album, consisting of songs I selected because of their soulful and heartfelt messages. In 2006 I teamed up with Dave Frolick, songwriter and co-president of Frozen North Music, based in Oshawa, Ontario. Dave and I collaborated on the production of a second album featuring only original material. I knew I had to find the right sound to enhance the quality and authenticity of the songs, so I chose to record this album in the the heart of country music—Nashville, Tennessee. In September of 2007 I set out for Nashville, where I had the opportunity to record my album at the Bayou Recording Studio. A single from this album, “When You Left Me in Georgia,” reached 32 on the European Country Chart and came in 5th in Austria. In August 2009 I recorded my third album, “Tennessee Teardrops,” returning to Bayou Recording Studio in Nashville.






What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is my lifeline. Without music I wouldn’t be able to express myself. Over the years I’ve found that people who’ve experienced hardship in their lives when they were younger tend to bring out their emotions through their artistry. I had a very, very difficult early life, so making myself feel good, that’s going to music.