Luke Slater


The best way to find out is to listen to latest album Quantic Existence... The music on the most part is beautiful. A lot of simple finger style guitar with memorable melodies. The lyrics strong and to the point. Always improving and looking for an answer within the stars about how to really change this world and make it a better place for the generations to come. TEACHING PROFILE I have been a musician for many years, played in lots of bands and performed lots of gigs. I work as a music teacher across a number of schools and PRU (pupil referral units) in Greater Manchester. Last year I traveled to Malawi, Africa and worked as a music teacher / music leader at the Tilinanu Orphanage. I took the kids to Lake Of Stars festival to perform an hour long set of original material. I have just returned from a European Busking tour that included France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Holland, Hungary and Morocco. I have also just released my best of album and brand new album Quantic Existence. My first and most accomplished instrument is guitar. I have been playing for 15 years and am happy teaching all styles from total beginner to expert. I will teach on acoustic or electric. I can teach about amplifiers and effects pedals too. I would say I am an expert at teaching total beginners and getting quick results. I can teach bass at the same level as guitar. I can teach Synthesiser and explain how Oscillators / LFO's work. In the youtube video I am playing Synth and Ableton Live. I can teach Ableton Live and how to use it as a live tool and production tool. I can teach Logic Pro and more about production and sound engineering. I can teach Djembe / African drums, as well as drum kit for beginners. I can teach harmonica. I am also a very experienced song writer in a number of different genres. I can teach about song structures, lyrics, melody, harmony and also show how to record the songs. You can learn how to record your own songs with me and take the song away with you. I also have a lot of experience with music business and running events. I can give advice on this through the lessons. Finally I am very knowledgeable with social media and can give lessons on you getting your music out there. I can provide all the instruments I list above for the lessons. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I will teach one instrument but I am also happy for you to try out any of the other instruments at any time. I wouldn't say I am a guitarist, I would say I am a musician and can speak the language of music through many different mediums. Through my lessons I will also be teaching the philosophy / elements of music and this will give you a clear understanding of the instrument you choose.