KM Mostafa Anwar Swapan

About Mostafa Anwar Swapan from Bangladesh Lives in Lisbon Portugal & His Musical Journey Beyond the Boundaries

“… Indeed we belong to The Most Beloved One, and indeed to Him we will return (Al Quran Chapter 2, Verse 156”). The souls do not have any color, race, sex, socio-political-religious identity. While residing in the mortal bodies during our life time, the souls experience all emotions: Love, Devotion, Separation, Yearning, Union, Pain, Joys! The worldly journey ends up ultimately in unison with The Origin The Most Beloved One for attaining eternal peace. During the musical journey all would be going through a certain musical process for experiencing and sharing these emotions as such to discover the connectivity among the souls beyond the boundary of language or socio-cultural barriers. Gradually the emotions of all are expected to be reaching towards a height where they would be experiencing the explosion of inner longing for meeting The Most Beloved One. During his musical process Mostafa Anwar Swapan mingles up Indian Sub-Continental traditional classical ragas with semi-classical and folks in embodying an instantaneous musical atmosphere among the audience for attaining spiritual goals, for liberating the souls from its limits so as to attaining purified and re-energized souls which would ultimately be meeting The Supreme Being The Ultimate Cosmic Beloved One. The audience take part to his process as passengers onboard a ship navigating through the vast ocean of music full of waves and turbulent motion as well as overwhelming and violent emotional flows. As such the music turns to be a vehicle to reach the ultimate spiritual peace. Let us have a try! ================================================================================ Mostafa Anwar Swapan a singer, composer, poet, music director, actor, theatre worker and an analytical scientist as a mature student presently pursuing his higher studies at NOVA IMS Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal originally from Bangladesh born on 02 December 1967 is instrumental to accumulate his humble efforts to lead a spiritual musical journey for attaining universal peace and harmony in response to the calls from the soul transcending boundaries. From his very childhood through numerous trainings, practices as well as appearing on stage Mostafa has been traversing the musical paths in different languages Urdu, Persian, Portuguese and French including his own mother language Bangla. Recently through relentless efforts and utmost devotion he has been specifically composing and introducing a new version of music in Portuguese and French languages independently for the first time in musical history. Traveling round the year extensively with his mission in music and science, adopting own distinct style and skills Mostafa successfully entertained his audience from almost all continents of the world by drenching them within deep and sublime beauty of spirituality. Inspired by the thousand years old traditional Indian classical raga based system Mostafa has been composing-performing a verity of sufi, classical and semi-classical music, namely, Spiritual Kaawaali, Gazal, Thumri, Khayal, Devotional, Folks, Patriotic, Music for Peoples’ Movement, Modern and many mores. Being the first musician Mostafa is translating and performing music in Portuguese language from Kazi Nazrul Islam The National Poet of Bangladesh. ===== A JORNADA ESPIRITUAL À PAZ ==== MÚSICA SEM FRONTEIRAS: A CHAMADA DO CORAÇÃO ==== ================================================================================== Mostafa Anwar Swapan, músico, director musical, compositor, poeta, actor, homem de Teatro e cientista analítico, actualmente estudante da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, é originário do Bangladesh, onde nasceu a 02 de Dezembro de 1967. Através do seu esforço musical, tem procurado fazer da música uma viagem espiritual com vista à paz e harmonia, fazendo com que isso ultrapasse toda e qualquer fronteira. Desde muito jovem, através inúmeros treinos, prtáticas e actuações em palco, tem feito uso da música em diversas línguas: urdu, persa, português, francês e bangla (a sua língua materna). Recentemente, e pela primeira vez na História da Música, tem estado a compor e a apresentar, com muito esforço e devoção, novas versões de música, quer em português, quer em francês. Viajando intensamente durante todo o ano, tendo como objectivos a Música e a Ciência e sempre adoptando estilos e competências diferentes, tem procurado entreter audiências de todos os continentes através da beleza e profundidade da espiritualidade. Inspirado por tradições milenares com origem no clássico sistema indiano do Raga, tem composto uma variedade de músicas sufi (para além de outras), nomeadamente Kaawaali, Gazal, Thumri, Khayal, assim como músicas mais devocionais, patrióticas, para movimentos, e até mesmo folclore. É, neste momento, o primeiro músico a traduzir música de Kazi Nazrul Islam, o poeta nacional do Bangladesh, para português.