Khayy Marley


ADD KAOTIC DILEMMAZ ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!! Instagram: @Khayy_Marley & @gbg_officiated Twitter: khayy_Dilemmaz Snapchat: @khayyd SoundCloud: Kaotic Dilemmaz YouTube: @KHAYY_MARLEY "Kaotic Dilemmaz" aka "Khayy Marley" is a upcoming recording artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He fell in love with music and had the passion for it since his adolescent years. His currently perfecting his craft, and putting together a team (GBG "Gwalla Band Gang")/ a street team,looking for a good manager who knows the music business and who is also always willing to learn.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music is a feeling, a love, a connection, a voice and friend when no one is there in a time of need

What is your music dream?

To become as successful and as knowledgeable as I can. Music is my passion and I'm just trying to turn my passion into my profession

If you could change the world - what would you start with?

I would start with the system

Which is the most memorable song from your childhood?

Dear Mama

Who are your favorite musical artists or bands?

2pac, Biggie Smalls, Ti, Lil Wayne, Nas, Big Pun

What inspires you to make music?

Real life situations and experiences, personal thoughts and emotions and feelings

What is the message you want to send with your music?

I want to touch as many hearts and souls as possible. Rather it's a time of need or wanting someone to give you advice on something or expressing and saying what other people or scared to say. I also want to make people feel good and make sure that when they hear my music they wanna have fun and turn up and etc

How do you feel when you perform in front of an audience?

I love the feeling. Especially when they like your music, it's a feeling that words can't explain

How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved?

Not all, but most is garbage!!! I respect what they do and their craft but it's lack of talent

What do you think of Drooble?

Like it so far

Do you support your local scene as a fan? How?


What qualities should a musician nowadays have in order to get their music heard by a larger audience?

Good music, good team, good marketing strategy