Kenny Schweickart

"No doubt that our music promoting ancestors such as Bill Graham would be fighting back with a greater push for independence. The manner in which new artists get selected to become mainstream is absurd. The squeeze on musical liberty through over commercialism has never felt so tight. The noose is around its neck, and its up to us to cut the cord. There isn't any good reason that we can't play what we want, tour as we see fit, get paid what we are worth, dress in the clothes that we want to wear, sell our own tickets, and have a non monopolistic promoter and talent buyer help us bring crowds to our shows without the monopolizers. In this day and age, now one company has all the control saturating our airwaves and packing our stadiums with entertainment forced on us. Even the smaller venues are being gobbled up. There is a time for those that have no choice but to succumb to that system in order to survive in the business, so it sadly seems. It doesn't have to be this way, though! Of many helping reasons I am on this site, from contracts to consulting to matchmaking and everything between and around that, I'm also here to find one or a few diamond gems in the rough to do what I can to help them evolve naturally through touring the old skool way to preserve the innocence of these delicate years to never be replaced, the time between you realizing your magic greatness and the rest of the world catching on. The same manner in which the way the greats that came before you, did it. Work and love, not a blank check with caveats from Live Nation. I want to help you rise to the top organically, the way it should be done, thus increasing your long term stock and avoiding one hit wonder burnout. While in the process of seriously considering the creation of a much needed national tour and routing service to rescue talent from being sucked into the abyss to be chewed up and spit out, I will come up with creative solutions that facilitate navigation through the many industry obstacles that arise. Together with our mutual interest, the priority mission for me is to spread your message by providing spotlight on the shining star you already are. We know you are a super star, and now its the time and turn for the rest of the world to also know it. Keep the dream alive." What I find most appealing about helping make someone a celebrity is the quantum levels of thought energy entanglement, to spread positive messages about anything, and its tangible impact that not only makes the world a better place on a large level but also effect as simply, on a micro level an individuals daily life that may not feel all so great into something more pleasant and bearable. For this reason music is power. It essentially is our rage against the machine. I'm in this for the love, and I'm in this for the revolution. .