I was trained in vocals at a very young age and sang in musicals initially as a child and into my teens. I traveled with school as a teenager and competed locally and nationally, going as far as major competitions in Virginia Beach and Disney on several occasions. In school i trained classically; musical and operatic influences. Through the years I've acted as mostly step-in and backup vocals during live performances for friends. I have also worked on multi-band/musician projects and collaborations where blended music and styles were permitted. I'm currently working full-time as a Info-Sec Analyst and Advisor for bank and going to school for my MBA in Project Management. I'm 38, single, without children, and professional. I am looking to meet musicians, DJs, singers, song writers, like-minded people who are looking to network, progress, grow, and elevate one another. I am heavily influenced by prog-rock/metal/post-hardcore and punk. Classical and jazz dynamics are welcome. I elevate towards progressive music, psychedelic rock, glam rock, indie, and metal edge.