Joe Pilloud


Smokin Joe Pilloud Dr. Pilloud has been a recording and performing musician since age 13. Over the years he has played and performed many different styles of music. Rock, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Soul and Country music have all had the Dr Feel Good treatment through the decades. As a young musician he could be found gigging around the Southern California scene with various bands and performing as a soloist. In the early seventies, San Luis Obispo became home and many of the performing bands on the central coast have included Dr Pilloud on the roster. Smokin Joe Pilloud has also written, recorded and performed popular local commercials on the central coast. For the past 29 years he has performed with and written for Big Daddys Blues Band. ( Over the years Big Daddy's Blues Band has been the opening act for a wide variety of blues and jazz artist's including Jimmy Witherspoon, Honey boy Edwards, Cash McCall, Carey Bell, Red Holloway, Howlin Wolf, Debbie Davis recently Tom Scott, John Mayall , James Cotton, Ron Thompson and the Resistors,John Nemeth with Junior Watson and Corby Yates to name a few.