Igor Russkikh

Hello! I am here to create something new, and I will be very glad if here I can find musicians on the same wave...

Привет! That’s "hi" in russian) I started playing guitar when I was 10, bass guitar when I was 14, electric guitar when I was 18, drums - when I was 22, viola - when I was 26, upright bass - when I was 31 pandeiro - at age 32 I started recording since I was 16. I have recorded 4 personal one man band albums, playing electric guitar and bass, and participated in 5 more albums playing all the instruments I play. Now I have all of them at once in my home studio and more than eager (not only my name is Igor) to record and play more of music of different genres and styles, I would like to learn from people all over the world to do what we all love.







What inspires you to make music?


What frustrates you most as a musician?

people trying to be a product