Glenn Sandberg

The Sandberg Project

I was the only guitarist in 6 working bands. Now this new band is of original songs and covers. I want to perform for the rich people and good connections in the music industry. My Gmail: [email protected] or my phone number: 1-224-381-7290. I have written over 100 songs. Been on Radio 2 times and received 2 medals in Hollywood for 2 of my original songs. In time I will need a banjo, harmonic, horns, acoundian, flute. Each original song is done differently. Glenn PS: Come and join my lead singer and I.







What is music to you? What does it give you?

Hi I'm Glenn Sandberg. I'm a self-taught guitarist. I have been on Radio 2 times with my original songs. I have received 2 medals on stage in Hollywood for 2 original songs I performed. I am a member of ASCAP, and ISSA. I have received a handful of awards from record companies. I was the only guitarist in 6 working cover bands performing. I have some of my original songs now on as a rate of 1 to 5 NOT lower. I have written 120 original songs and I'm looking for help to help me launch some of my songs to major artists, radio, and Soundtracks to movies. I also invented a new innovation to the electric guitar industry called: SPYDER which is in the patent/trademark office in Washington DC. I do not know who to turn to for this type of exposer that is necessary. I was just recently excepted to be in POZE Magazine Music magazine issue # 37. I can be reached at [email protected] or 1-224-381-7290 Thanks, Glenn PS: Please type in: [email protected] I hope you like my original copy written songs. My plan is to market them. I hope you can help me. ???PS: I have 2 websites at [email protected]. I hope you can help me. Glenn