Ghandi Bonez


I am Ghandi Bonez..An almost 40 yr old Oklahoma City hip hop artist, stand-up comic & battle rap m.c. I take pride in being unique, original, and fun. I often blend hip hop and comedy together, and I always strive to stand out, which my music does for me. I have always loved being in the spotlight & my passion is entertaining people. I am proud to have been able to spread my own style around to the ears of many real music fans. If you haven't heard my work, I suggest you take some time to do so. I respect all hard working, talented artists..and will support to the fullest. I just ask the same . Search: Ghandi Bonez anywhere for music, comedy, battles & more. Much Love!





What is music to you? What does it give you?

For almost 20 years, I have been an entertainer in Oklahoma City. I'm a unique hip hop artist, comedian and battle m.c. that has always had an undying passion for music. When I write&record a song, it feels really good to get my vibes out to people. Writing is my therapy, and my fans have kept me pushing for I plan to entertain til the death of me.

What is your music dream?

I used to want to be rich and famous. I had a few solid opportunities that fell through for one reason or another. Then, I had a chance to go on a mini tour showcase for a meeting with a major label, but it was right when my daughter was born so I chose to prioritize as a father. Now..I have a great wife & 3 amazing daughters. At 37, I still have tons of passion for music and the drive to get heard. Music has gradually become more of a hobby than a goal..but If I could get my work spread around to many more ppl, that would be awesome, so I'd say that's the dream now.