Drooble Team


We believe in music and its power to change the world for good. To us, music is a universal language, allowing people from all over the world to communicate through their souls and we humans really need that right now. We wanted to create a place that connects all people who love music. A place that helps them grow as musicians and gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge and inspiration. This place is Drooble. Drooble is not just a project, it's a dream come true - a passion which is built from our love and positive energy. We've come a long way since our humble beginnings, but this is just the start. We’ve already done a lot but this is just the beginning. Keep in mind that you are cherished here and we take your opinions very seriously. Please, send us any suggestions, ideas and problems you encounter by clicking the Feedback Button on the left of this page. Thank you and welcome to Drooble :))