Donae Tate


Driven to write music after a chance encounter on the train with an A&R back in 2014. She drafted 3 songs that stemmed from different parts of her life for fun.However, It wasn't until 2016 when Don'aë began to take songwriting and music seriously, after realeasing a music video for her local hit song "girls"'. After studying the likes of Jill Scott, Teedra Moses, and SZA to name a few; she released her debut E.P. 8ight a year later, and another music video shortly after. Her sound is a supple sound complete with undercurrents of mixed emotions; that can draw on the similar sounds of Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and other Neo-Soul artists. Currently, Don'aë is in the works of getting started on her sophomore project slated to be released sometime this year. She lives in NYC.