Dihaj is an electronic music project from Baku, Azerbaijan formed in 2014. Initially a one-man-band Dihaj expanded as Anar (guitar, synth) and Ali (drums, percussion, fx) joined the project. “We all come from completely different musical backgrounds, so our sound is quite eclectic. That’s why we’ve never really been interested in trying to pinpoint the genre of the music we play. Just play what seems right and leave the rest to the listeners, right?” – says lead vocalist Diana. Despite this, Dihaj has been already labeled by its growing fanbase as “an experimental doom pop band” for its ethereal, dark sound, its post-rock guitar riffs, semi-acoustic drum set and atmospheric vocals. Dihaj broke through with their 2014 single “I Break Again” co-written by Diana and world famous jazz pianist Isfar Sarabsky. In 2015 the band covered “Geceler Kechir”, a 90-ies pop song written by renowned Azerbaijani composer Eldar Mansurov. Their single “Complain” is the first track from their debut album "T.E.O.S" released in July 2017. And a special vinyl edition, which includes “Complain” and “All Different Things”.The work “Eshqini aşagı sal” was released in November 2016 and made a huge resonance in Azeri society. It tells a story of common relationships between male and female relying on mentality realities Dihaj was representing Azerbaijan at Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with a song "Skeletons" which had a theatrical dark staging and made huge resonance at song contest itself. In August 2017 Dihaj was invited to recording session at Red Bull Music Studio in Berlin,Germany. In 2018 Dihaj released a single "We Shall See Them Sometimes" featuring azeri rap performer Uran. This track has a take on a social theme and the video shows the story of a young man having a mental enquiry. Music of Dihaj was also a soundtrack for a movie “#Yoxdubeləsöhbət” directed by Ru Hasanov. In march 2019 Dihaj released a cover for a popular Azerbaijani song “Deshti Tesnifi”. Currently Dihaj as collective works on second album while Diana herself doing arts at Yarat Art Residency.