Dale Templar

Dale Templar - Co-Founder of LineCheck Promotions

Hello Drooble! I am Dale, AKA Templar. I'm a producer who has done everything from Happy Hardcore, to Grime, to Drum and Bass, to Post Rock. I've worked with a variety of artists and musicians over the years of my musical career, and decided to start my own Promotions company with a few like minded induviduals. We want to get unsigned, UK bands the exposure they deserve, we're not in it for the money, we're in it for the love of the music! Find out more at www.linecheck.co.uk. When I'm not helping other artists, I'm producing and remixing in a variety of genres, a lovely by product of that is, I'm available to remix any artist, any genre, and put my own spin on things. Feel free to contact me regarding pretty much anything music related, need promotion? Want a remix for your EP? Want help getting your music out there on to market or gigs booked for your band in the UK? I'm here to help!