Founded in 2014 in Berlin, Cymballand is the distributor of “100% Handmade B20 Turkish Cymbals” in Germany. WHY IS CYMBALLAND IMPORTANT FOR YOU? 1) WE KNOW YOU: Because we are drummers, too. We know your needs and expectations as well as what the quality of cymbals means for a unique sound. Therefore, our philosophy is: “From Musicians to Musicians”. 2) WE KNOW OUR PRODUCTS: Because we have been using these cymbals for years. We know the materials they are made of (B20 Alloy) and their features very well because we witnessed the process of their production (100% Handmade). Whatever the sound you are looking for, we are sure that you will find it in Cymballand and we are ready for help anytime. 3) THERE IS NO MEDIATOR BETWEEN US: You don’t have to pay high prices for high quality products, because we bring “100% Handmade B20 Turkish Cymbals” from our manufacturer in Istanbul directly to you. As you know, we have “The Best Price Guarantee”. FURTHERMORE: - If the cymbal you are looking for is not in our catalogue, you can request a special cymbal according to your needs. No extra fee! -You can make an appointment with us in order to get to know us and test our cymbals. - You can invite us to your concerts. - You can come to our concerts. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS: YOU CAN HELP US DO OUR JOB BETTER.