Crystal Celestine





What is music to you? What does it give you?

Dimension defying artist, Crystal Celestine, expresses her unique artistic creativity with her new single, “Alien Love”. Filled with nostalgic melodies and entrancing vocals, Crystal encapsulates the listener and brings them on her rainbow studded journey. From the early age of seven, Crystal Celestine was fascinated by the supernatural. Growing up in an environment with crystals, holograms, and a knowledge of a higher power, Crystal quickly became passionate with distinctive ideas and was able to create “Alien Love”. “Alien Love” is influenced by the unknown future, 90’s cartoons, consciousness, anime, synth-pop, and technology. Crystal credits her profound lyrics to her spiritual connections along with her angel number, 77. Her innovative musical production allows her to be a distinctive artist that fuels optimism by taking her imaginative artistic views to its purest form. By producing and mastering her own distinctive work, Crystal hopes her music can assist others to help them pursue their higher selves. Titled as the star seeded galactic empress of the fifth dimension, Crystal will be releasing a new single with an official music video set to be released further this month. Channeling her inner spirit and striving for the limitless future dimension, Crystal aims for the beyond. She will continue to work on releasing more music in the future. Defying the odds and incorporating galactic techniques, Crystal Celestine is the artist to look out for.