‘CEEM’, the Seattle-born and bred artist, crosses borders and merges boundaries as he conjures up the dark and the brooding sounds he dubs as ‘Emotronic’. He describes it as a cohesive blend of electronic and emo. Much of his material is born from the depths of his own experiences, with much of the lyrical content encapsulating themes of rebellion, the wounds of heartbreak, being misunderstood and marginalized, and looking for acceptance and inclusion are just some of the themes that resonate in his productions. His music echoes influences from the likes of David Bowie, Madonna, Depeche Mode, and Blondie to name just a few. From a young age, the fire in CEEM was quickly ignited when he realised music was the one thing he wanted to pursue. Trained in classical piano as a kid, he grew up to become a formidable player which would then lead him to pursue a degree in audio engineering. To CEEM, music is a part of his DNA -- it’s the one thing that sets his soul alight, and he is compelled to share it with the rest of the world. CEEM began his musical journey in an apartment in Seattle Washington in 2005, with his first full length release, "Creative Ways to Self Destruct". The album was inspired by the indie dance movement of the early 00's, which echoed themes of "The Postal Service" and "Metric". After taking a break to recharge, his next release an EP titled, "Equilibrium", continued the mood from Creative Ways, but it takes a turn and moves into a more synth pop, 80's inspired sound. In his latest release "The Instigator", CEEM pulls from his early influences such as David Bowie, Madonna, and The Eurythmics, and begins fusing the sound with his later influences (Gus Gus, Daft Punk, Dragonette, and Lady Gaga). The result is pure a EDM, Pop infused record, that takes listeners through the synth heavy sounds of the 80's but with a fresh and modern twist. After a bit of a hiatus, CEEM has returned in full-force. While his last release was back in 2005, he has had a few singles released this year and has a full-length album planned for release by the end of 2018. "As the world becomes more divided, we need music and art to bring us together...". CEEM wants to be inclusive of everyone feeling marginalized by the events in the world, as he has witnessed and been a part of it first hand. "The future is where love needs to reign, we owe it to one another to protect one another", and CEEM isn't shying away from the fight and has more love to give then ever before.