Billy Hell

Billy Hell is Out of His Mind!

Did we mention that Bily was raised on an exotic animal ranch in Texas, has been shot at and got his first Colt. 45 when he was 12? He did time at Baylor University and with $1,300 in his pocket he made his way to LA. With hair to his belt and a 1968 Harley under his ass he made the "hair band" scene on the Hollywood Strip. The fist LA band he was in was booked after their very first gig. "Saint Christopher" was full steam ahead until the record label execs showed up and the band self destructed in one final show. He has worked with folks like Neil Young, Bruce Sringsteen, Madona, Motely Crue, Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle, Sandra Bernhardt and more. These famous people have said things to Billy like, "Nice gun", "throw me my shoe" and "hey your in my parking spot!". Billy was offered a job as the bass player for the Gourds in the early 90's. Sure they weren't the Gourds yet and how could Billy know they would have a long career filled with great songs and equally great facial hair? He turned them down for a more lucrative career in the soul stealing town of Lost Angeles. After 7 years of earthquakes, home invasions, the LA riots, bad relationships and an attempted stabbing Billy headed for Nashville. Billy's road has been long, interesting and hard to believe so I guess I'll stop right there.