Andrew Durrett

My Story

My childhood was filled with music. My first memory is laying in my crib listening to my sister play a Bach prelude on the piano. Classical music was on the radio most days and my mother played a lot of Chopin and Gershwin on the piano. That being said, I never entertained the notion that I could play a musical instrument until I was born again in Christ at age 19. At that same time, I started playing guitar and gained a deep love for that language beyond words of those 12 notes. My father strongly opposed me playing guitar or having anything to do with music - especially playing in front of other people. It has been a lifelong struggle overcoming the years of opposition. In the first years of playing, aside from learning a few Hendrix and Charlie Christian tunes, I gravitated away from learning songs or studying from books. I approached music like a lone explorer trying out every chord and scale I could find. I developed a fascination for music theory, physics of sound, and eventually made my way back to my first memory of Bach - studying the note movements implied in his ornamentations. This continues to be at the core of my understanding of note movement and melodic structure. Through my twenties, I wrote hundreds of pieces of music both to explore realms of sound and to express and work through my feelings. I lived to write and play music with others. Although I avoided playing in front of crowds, I eventually led two Austin bands (Rose Dust and Green Ship) during my thirties and played each Sunday in a small church for a few years. Having a band was like being in a family full of love like I had never had before. What an intimate bonding experience ! In my forties, I was in a delightful collaborative band called Jaquacu which was short lived but highly rewarding. Now in my fifties, I am happily married to my true love. Camille is a formidable songwriter and has such a beautiful voice. God gives her so many songs. There is no way I can record fast enough to keep up with her. We have so many songs with our new band (Dunamis) which are unrecorded. It is my hope to get them done and uploaded here in the coming year.